Wow, I can’t even imagine how long it’s been since I’ve written on my blog. I do have to thank my friend, Linda, for encouraging me to fight my way through all these cobwebs and write a small blurb here.

When asked by Linda if she’s missed any entries because she hasn’t received any email alerts, I felt bad because I think about writing on my blog but I don’t have anything “meaningful” to post. I love writing but I hate to write just to fill in a blog or to tease my followers. What am I writing about today? My apology to my fellow followers for not keeping them entertained with my wacky writing.

So here’s a small teaser:

I promised I would not write about the snow (yes, snow and more snow in New Jersey which is annoying the eff out of me) but sometimes when Mr. Eve says something to annoy me I try to dissect it to see if I’m overreacting at his suggestions. So now he tells me snowstorm number 4, or is 5?, is coming our way and I should go to the market. I claim I have no money because again I am being paid late and I refuse to keep using money from what I call “my savings accounts” which is really more like a coin collection.

Mr. Eve kindly gives me his debit card but with it he gives me a budget…..ahhhh, WTF is a budget when a storm is coming and we need lots of food because a 21-year old and a 16-year old male do not consider REAL food as something to eat? So he tells me to buy the essentials and none of my crap (crap is cookies, ice cream, chips, donuts and whatever I find that’s sugary and of course bad for you). So I do buy the essentials as he suggest and in the process I have added a giant bottle of wine, two six-packs of beer, a couple of Babe Ruth candy bars and the ice cream. Ahhhh, men don’t get it…..snow days mean “Get your wine supply in order…have plenty of beer as a backup…..and get the damn ice cream and chocolate because when you’re snowed in, you’ll regret it! And did I sneak the wine and beer into the house? Ahhh, do bears shit in the woods? I guess I did!

Life is good,