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Hello fellow followers!

I usually post as to why I’ve neglected to write new articles on my blog. Well, this time I hope the time spent away from my blog was well worth it!

This writer took a chance and challenged herself to write something totally out of her element…this would be me…I went ahead and wrote a book for young middle age kids. Yep! I took a break from my blog and from writing romance books (my favorite genre) and wrote a book which I am proud to say has been published on Kindle.

Yipee!!  Hooray!!   (in my mind there are fireworks, champagne and lots of pat on the back as I say this)

I’m not quite famous yet, nor do I have Stephen King calling me day and night for the rights to the movie but for now I am extremely happy to have one item crossed off my ‘Bucket List’.

If you’re interested in reading all about it..go check out my latest masterpiece titled “A Haunted Lake – A Watery Grave” which is written under my pen name “Eva Garcia”…..well you know I had to put a little Latin spice into it somehow!  LOL. Available now on Amazon.com

Hey, feel free to share your news with me. I will gladly do whatever I can to support my fellow followers and writers.

I will update you as soon as I get the movie deal and the date for my interview with Oprah Winfrey.  Oh and I haven’t given up on Ellen DeGeneres calling me…I’ve only sent her like a hundred emails…not in a stalker way…really…more like an admiring fan 🙂

Life is good,