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Before you continue reading I must warn you this post is for WOMEN ONLY!  I mean it MEN, you don’t want to read about ladies panty liners!

Bargains are really not that great depending on what you are buying of course. Ok ladies, I know a few of you have experienced what I recently went through because of my cheap penny-pinching ass!  Yes, I decided to try to save money on buying the “store brand” panty liners instead of my usual “Always” brand because I figured, heck it’s going to the garbage by the end of the day so why not buy cheap?

Big mistake!

So here I am taking a bathroom break and knowing I DID use a liner I was like, “where the hell is it?”  You’d think they put enough adhesive on these bad boys to make them stick to your undies and NOT your thigh!  WTF?!!!  Not only was it clinging to my inner thigh it was all crumpled and sh–!  Was it worth saving the ninety cents?   NO!!  Damn those damn store brands!

I did learn my lesson and as soon as I finish using the rest of those cheap ass liners, I’m buying my regular brand!


Life is good……well it will be when I get my Always liners!