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I am still amazed at how the art of writing with a pen or pencil is slowly dying away.  When I was challenged by a good friend to write a letter and mail it, I realized that the only time I use a pen and paper is when I am writing my stories.  I’m surprised I don’t send my friends and family a handwritten letter or post card.

When was the last time you actually wrote a letter or note to a friend and mailed it out?

With technology being readily available to all of us, we are taking the easy way out by sending text messages, emails or Facebook messages.  I think we need to keep our writing skills sharp by challenging ourselves. Seriously, I remember the day I could not wait to begin writing in script because I knew I would have the best handwriting.  There’s hope for me yet, I am going to buy some nice paper and a few good pens and I’m going to begin to write the old-fashioned way….with pen and paper.

Life is good….let’s write it down!