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It took a lot of thinking for me to write a post about Hurricane Sandy because since this topic is all everyone is talking about I figured I leave it alone.

Sadly, when you know people who have been affected and feel their pain in their voices, text messages or emails it makes you realize that losing your internet or cable or even your  power is not as bad as some people make it seem. Who cares that you can’t watch the latest episode of NJ Housewives or CSI who cares?  There are people still trying to find out if their loved ones made it out safely and if they are staying in a safe place with food and water.

Yesterday I heard the Red Cross hasn’t even made it to some areas and people are fast losing their tempers and wondering if they have been forgotten.  According to a Red Cross representative, they need volunteers to get to those areas needing help. So why are we complaining about cable, power or internet? We should try to get off our soapbox and help, that’s what we need to do.

Helping out could be as much as letting your neighbor use your shower, or electricity or inviting someone over for a hot meal. Let’s not forget that elderly neighbor you always avoid because he or she has a mean streak and you dislike them. This is a time to open our hearts and help anyone regardless of whether you like them or not, remember this could be us in need one day.

In closing since I need to get out of this cold library where I have traveled to get some internet, I say to all of us struggling  to deal with Sandy’s devastation…

Keep the faith, don’t lose hope and if you haven’t lost a loved one don’t worry so much about the material things we have lost. We can eventually replace material possessions but we can NEVER replace a lost life.

Be safe and warm and put your pride aside and ask for help during these difficult times.

Life continues to be good,