You ever wonder why people look like they hate the world first thing in the morning?  I for one am glad I’m not pushing up daisies in the morning and I try to have a smile on my face when I leave my humble abode because life is just too damn short to walk around with a sour puss!

I seriously doubt these frowners ever stop and smell the roses or better yet look around and appreciate their surroundings. You’d think?!

Life is all about living for the moment because we never know what’s going to happen when we turn the corner. There’s nothing guaranteed in life and if you walk around being angry at the world the least you could do is not take it out on those who don’t deserve it.

My challenge to those ‘angry souls’ who walk around like the living dead without smiling:  Think of one happy memory in your life and let go of all the stupid things you can’t change because NOW, TODAY is the moment of being, living, enjoying and taking the time to LIVE AND ENJOY.  Why not smile?  IT’S FREE!

Life is good………………..SMILE!