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Every morning I turn on the television to listen to the news as I get dressed to find out what’s going on around the world before I head out to join the world of the living and the not so living.  What I find annoying is waiting to hear the really important news because my favorite news channel “CBS New York” on channel 2, is now forcing me to watch a cooking session before they tell me if the boat that crashed in Long Island had any fatalities. So being the ‘wannabe’ writer that I am, I have written my letter to the CBS 2 news team:

Dear CBS New York Executives,

Although at times I do enjoy watching your invited chefs and Tony Tantillo as they prepare a 30 minute meal in 5 minutes flat, I need to express the following:

– Why do you feel it necessary to have a cooking session during your early news in the morning? I really don’t care how to make rosemary chicken at seven in the morning when I haven’t had my coffee yet.

– Is it really necessary to have me wait for the ‘important’ news stories including the weather until Tony Tantillo blanches his tomatoes?

– Don’t you think the cooking sessions should take place sometime around noon when your audience is fully awake and thinking about food instead of how heavy the traffic to work is, or if they need a raincoat or sweater or better yet, if they should have french vanilla or hazelnut coffee?

– Do I really need to know how to pan fry fluke, when I really don’t know if it’s a fish or meat? Plus, I’m still trying to decide between the french vanilla and hazelnut coffee thing.

Don’t get me wrong, the cooking sessions I’m sure benefit other viewers and I’m sure they’re eagerly waiting with pen and paper in hand to write down the recipes but I rather know what’s going on around the world during those fifteen minutes I could spare while deciding if the dress I’m wearing makes me look fat.  I haven’t been missing much of the news because now I find myself tuning to Channel 4 while you do the cooking thing so I can watch the news and get the latest weather report.

Perhaps if I wasn’t a self-appointed take out Queen I would show more appreciation for your cooking sessions but for the time being I’m afraid I will continue to jump ship and crossover to the dark side ,I mean channel 4 side to get my updates in the mornings.

By the way, love your adopt a pet sessions!



Life is good!