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I will begin this post by apologizing since I seldom use my blog as my personal venting session but there are times when even I cannot refrain from expressing how I feel about the senseless loss of our young soldiers.

To begin, I am deeply saddened and my heart goes out to the parents of young Lance Cpl. Greg Buckley Jr’s parents and his siblings for their tragic loss. May they find the strength within their family and friends to cope with the loss of their loved one.

We have lost so many of our soldiers in Afghanistan in an attempt to help these individuals by providing proper training to help them fight the Taliban. Hmm, what is wrong with this picture? If you can’t defend your own country, if you can’t accept our help without killing our men and women, if you can’t stop hating us enough to accept our help then I say ‘LET OUR SOLDIERS LEAVE AFGHANISTAN AND RETURN HOME!”  These bastards do not need our help nor do they want it…sorry, my anger got the best of me for a moment here, I will try to refrain from the name calling…where was I? Ahh, if these individuals are turning the same guns being used to train them to fight for their rights against us, then we should not wait until we lose more soldiers to get them back home.

I believe that if they can turn their guns on our soldiers, that is proof enough they can fight the Taliban without our help. Hell if they shoot themselves on the foot or shoot each other accidentally then so be it. Why bother training them to turn their guns on us? Am I the only one wondering about this?

If I read the data correctly, the following numbers is a tally of how many soldiers we have lost so far in Afghanistan:

In 2010 – we lost 12

In 2011 – we lost 24

In 2012 – we lost 25 (and I’m sure there will be more)

The families who continue to lose loved ones I am sure have had enough of this and most likely want their family and friends back home. With this I say the following:


Dear Mr. President,

Although Medicare and the upcoming elections are so far on top of your priority list, I recommend you consider adding “Operation Bring Our Soldiers Back Home” to your agenda as well.  We can’t keep losing our service men and women to a country who obviously has no use for us.  Our time, efforts and the lives of those trying their best to help them out is being wasted each day.

With your busy schedule, you may want to give this some thought on your next bus tour or on your next Air Force one flight. 

Feel free to share this post, repost, copy, edit whatever it takes to make a difference no matter how small it is.

Life is far too precious to be put at risk in a country where they have no regard for it.