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Even the perfect couple had their share of problems and arguments as I delve into the story of Adam and Eve according to me of course.

After a long day of tending the land, milking the cows and goats, shepherding the sheep and gathering fruits and vegetables for the week, Eve sighs in relief as she looks forward to sitting down and resting her tired bones. “What’s for dinner?” asks Adam. Being ever so loving Eve smiles and with gritted teeth responds, “I don’t cook on Fridays my love so you’ll have to fend for yourself my husband.” “Fend for myself? Woman, when God created you it was done so you may be my companion, share my life, bear my children, nurse me to health when I fall sick and of course to feed me.” Eve stared at this man she was to serve and blinked once, twice, thought for a moment…..did he imply I am his slave? Did he imply I’m to serve him day in and day out? Does he not notice all the work I do around the land and then some? Does he not see I haven’t had my nails done in months, my hair hasn’t scene shears in ages and my split ends are out of control, that I have not shaved my legs in months because I do not have time and he’s moaning about dinner?

She pauses and takes a breath which she blows out impatiently before responding, “Ah, Adam my love, how thoughtless of me to not think of making you dinner. It is obvious that you have worked so hard today swimming in the river, in what you call an attempt to catch fish. Forgive my ignorance in not being a better wife to you. Please give me a moment while I collect some ingredients for your dinner.” She leaves and Adam sits down happy that his lovely Eve has listened to his wise words and has obeyed him.  Ahh, here is my love now, he notices moments later and begins to rise from his seat.  “What in the world? Woman what is the meaning of this?”

Eve approaches Adam with a goat, a rabbit, vegetables and a spear. “You asked for dinner here it is. Milk your own damn goat, take the rabbit out back, choke it, kill it, skin it and cook it over a fire and roast or boil these vegetables for a side dish. If you feel like fish tonight, take this spear and catch your own damn fish!” “That is no way to speak to your husband, what will God say about your behavior woman?” Eve rolls her eyes, puts her hands on her hips and responds, “I think she would agree with me and wonder what took me so long to stand up for myself! I’m leaving you Adam. I am walking over to the other side of the world and find myself a job, a new hut and perhaps a man with a bigger fig leaf. Good bye!”

Last we heard Eve got a job as a salesperson for a boating company and her big break and huge commission came about when she landed a contract for the biggest account in the history of the company. They were commissioned to build the biggest vessel ever and it wasn’t cheap. Their client, Noah, was not only happy with Eve’s sales pitch, he promised to recommend her services to anyone who survived the flood.


Life is all about taking chances and living it to the max!