Wow, I have abandoned my blog for so long I’ve forgotten what it looks like. This from someone who enjoys writing is tabu.  In my defense I must say I have failed to write updated posts since I’ve been working on other projects which I’m trying to get published. Yes, published.

I will hopefully have my new work titled “Karma is a Biotch” out there either on e-book, or the New York Times Best Seller list.  I promise to send out a few complimentary copies to those who continue to support my writing dream.. I sure sound like a true author don’t I?  Well if you believe it, it will happen!

There’s a new post titled “Blood Bath” somewhere in the Reading Room tab it’s a quick story I jotted down while trying to figure out why does it take so long for a grown a$$ woman to recover from an ear infection. LOL.

Hmm, why is it when you’re hard of hearing everything seems like it’s in surround sound in your head? Example:  while eating salad the darn crunching is so annoying and loud inside my head I can barely hear myself think so I stop eating my salad and don’t even think about eating the croutons. Since I can’t hear so well out of my right ear I keep turning my good ear towards the person speaking to me but sometimes I blank out and all I hear is Charlie Brown’s teacher like “wa-wa-wa-, waa-wa-wa wa!?” After awhile I just shake my head or say I don’t know, I don’t remember, yes, really? that’s nice and have no clue what I’m responding to.

Needless to say since I went off on a tangent here, drop by my reading room and feel free to criticize the post and offer suggestions since I did leave it as a cliffhanger.

Oh and I think I might revive Logan and give him a little something something since the poor guy was dumped by his wife.

Life is good!