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No people this is NOT about that book everyone keeps talking about. I still haven’t picked up a copy yet.  This is about “GREY HAIR”…YES, I am still being terrorized by those annoying white hairs which seem to multiply like gremlins overnight! I don’t know about that e-Trade baby and all his investment advice, he should make a commercial encouraging women to buy Clairol or L’Oreal stock because as I see it, buying a box every two weeks is an investment in itself.

Hmmm, so my grievance today is due to the finding of two, count them two, grey hairs on one of my eyebrows.  A grey hair in one eyebrow, what is that all about? Who knew you could find greys in eyebrows?  I didn’t. My question was, ‘do I dye the hair or pluck it out?’ Well Einstein here plucked the hair out, then there was another hidden behind that one, and one on the top-level of the brow and then there was one hidden in between the darkest hair so I plucked those too. Oops, ahhh, I should have stopped after each pluck and if I had I would have avoided the tiny bald spot I now created on my right brow.  What to do, what to do. I figured if women can shave off their entire eyebrows and draw them back on, then I can fill in the blank by using an eyebrow pencil…which I did.

So why did I forget about the missing hair and my creative idea of penciling it in? And why is it no one tells you when you have a brown smudge running from your brow to your forehead?  I had to suffer the embarrassment of having a smudged brow with its peekaboo bald spot for who knew how long because I forgot and rubbed my brows during the day and no one mentioned it to me.  Well then, as I continue to become creative in the accessorizing of my grey hairs on both my head and brows, I will try to remember, not to rub again.

Life is good with or without the grey!