As the warm weather approaches I felt inclined to repost this article since kids will soon be playing sports. “Protect your child’s eyes now, don’t wait until it’s too late!”

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Attention Ice Hockey Moms, Soccer Moms, Football Moms, LaCrosse Moms, Field Hockey Moms and all other sports Moms (and of course Dads!):

How many times have you been to the pro shops, Modell’s, Sports Authority, Dick’s or any other sports shop you can think of and purchased the BEST equipment you can get for your kid? Have you ever sent your kid out there without their goalie mask or shoulder pads for football, or perhaps their shin pads for soccer (forgive me if this is wrong but I’m an Ice Hockey Mom, not sure if this is a soccer thing) or maybe it’s the La Crosse helmet you may consider sending your kid out there without. NO! I didn’t think you would send them out there without protection.

My point? Well if we care about buying our kids the most expensive and impressive equipment so that they can be on…

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