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OMG, who knew that in my old age I would be using acronyms like my teenage sons to describe my mid-life crisis number seven?  OMG, LOL, WTF and PMS are one of the many acronyms I keep using to cut down on my writing and this from someone who is desperately waiting to be discovered and published!  What has gotten into me? Why am I rambling and not getting to the point of this post? Because I will be aging dramatically this year and as the month of July gets closer and closer I refuse to accept the fact that my baby will be turning 15 and my oldest will be 20! WTF!!?? And it doesn’t help matters that I keep forgetting I have been married for over 25 years and not 10 like I keep wanting to believe. Has it really been that long? Ay Dios Mio!!!

Hmm, so why am I so against aging? Could it be that every time I volunteer at the nursing home I feel like time is running out before I will be in one those places? Could it be that I’m afraid of letting go of my youth (not that I have much left) and fear becoming old, slow, useless and mean? Could it be that I know soon everything and I mean EVERYTHING will defy gravity and begin reaching for the ground instead of the sky?  Perhaps it’s just the plain fact that I refuse to get old, refuse to slow down and dammit I still have my bucket list written in my head somewhere and haven’t even crossed out one item from it?  I don’t know what it is, but I will figure it out.

What am I doing to ease my angst? Well I am going to finally get that tattoo I’ve been wanting for the past 20 years..yes, my old sorry carcass will be getting a tattoo on my ankle and I know that eventually that tattoo is going to end up on my heel when my skin begins to sag away.  Do I care? No, because I intend on having some inked on identification which will be needed when I get Alzheimer and wonder off the premises of my home when I’m 80 or 90. Right about now I’m wondering what else to do within my budget to celebrate my mid-life crisis number 7.

You may as well stay tuned because I sense come June, I will have lots to write about as the count down begins when I try to have my upcoming birthday go low under the radar. And I mean low as in ‘ see no evil, hear no evil, say no evil!’

Life is great and although I am seriously dreading my coming of age birthday, I do laugh since age is but a number…but damn, the numbers are getting higher every year.

Life is good,