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There are so many of us who are lucky enough to have our Moms with us today and yet some of us do not take the time to call, write or spend time with them. Have you ever felt guilty at not picking up the phone to call your Mom because you were too busy, too angry at her, she doesn’t understand you, she criticizes you or some other petty reason you use NOT to call?
Well there are some people out there who wish they had one more day with their mothers to say hello, update them on their successes, or perhaps just to say “I love you mom”.  These people do not have a mom for various reasons, she either passed away due to an illness, some careless driver cut her life short,  they were given away for adoption, or they passed away during childbirth. Whatever the reason, there are those who do not like this special day because they have nothing to celebrate except heartache. 
My personal wish for those dreading Mother’s Day is that you take a few moments to forget your sorrows and remember the happy times you had with your Moms, remember the laughter, remember the times they didn’t let you go out or grounded you and remember that because of them you are the person you are today.  Yes, it may be a sad time because your Mom is not with you now physically but she IS in your heart and her memories will always be with you so there is no need to be angry and upset, be happy for the times you had together and let a smile touch your face as you celebrate her day.
Mothers will always be with us in our hearts whether living or not, for we can never lose the love they have given us.
May everyone missing their moms find peace in knowing they were loved and may they celebrate Mother’s Day knowing their love and memories will forever be in their hearts.
Mother’s Day is for everyone!!!  Celebrate it everyday and not once a year for we continue to be moms forever.
Life is good,