To me Mother’s Day is every day BUT if I were to join the band wagon and celebrate once a year how great of a mother I am here are my thoughts on what the day should be like:

– When my kids or Mr. Eve decide to make me breakfast in bed, they actually will CLEAN the mess they left in the kitchen.

– My kid’s school-made necklace will be made out of paper clips or rubber bands instead of macaroni.

– The plant my son buys for me at school will finally get to me in one piece, with all the soil in it, the flower intact and no insects crawling around it.

– The restaurant Mr. Eve takes me to will be my choice and not his, will have real knives, forks and napkins and there’s no clown making balloon hats.

– I will not be rushed to get ready since we need to be home in time for the Ice Hockey game.

– Coworkers will NOT ask me how my Mother’s Day was since they’re only being polite and really don’t want to hear it.

– Children should be spontaneous, call their moms and take them to dinner or lunch on any other given day just because they are still moms after the holiday.

Every day is Mother’s Day and to every Mom (and single Dads) out there, HAVE A WONDER DAY CELEBRATING YOU!

Life is good,