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Wow, it never fails to amaze me how the ‘absent’ church goers manage to make an appearance on special occasions such as Easter, Christmas and other religious holidays.  Don’t get me wrong I don’t mind it all that people remember to show their respects ONLY on these special days and inconvenience those of us who try to show up more than twice a month to church.
The church pews are often empty during regular Sunday worship and there is plenty of parking spaces to choose from whenever I make my rare appearance to get some guidance and much-needed spiritual  reminder of why I am on this earth. The pet peeve I have is not finding a seat on let’s say EASTER SUNDAY because everyone needed to show up with their new JC Penny’s outfit and take all the seats before they head out to the House of Pancakes for breakfast.  Now I usually wear a dress or skirt (no pants to church for me) and try to look lady like on my Sunday visits and get quite disappointed when I see family members walking in with jeans, sweatpants, hiking shoes and soccer outfits to church.  Ahh, was there a dress code memo I missed? Then there are those who show up ten minutes before the service is over in order to partake of the free wine and bread.  Will that save them? Hmmm, I’m still fuming over the fact that I can leave my house fifteen minutes before service starts, find a nice parking spot, get there on time and have my choice of seating. 
On special holidays I have to take my carcass to church earlier than usual in hopes of finding a seat because there are far too many people arriving in hopes of getting points which will bring them closer to the pearly gates. Is that at all possible? Enough of the rantings of this bitter worshipper….as they say ‘enter ye all’ or something like that, for everyone is welcomed in the house of the Lord…I just wish they would make it more frequent so I can adjust my arrival time accordingly.
May everyone have a great Holiday weekend!
Life is good,