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Who is your role model? Do we need a role model to show us how to live our lives? What qualifies an individual to be a role model? I’m still trying to find the answers to these questions because I feel if we can’t choose a family member as a role model but choose an actor or athlete as such, then something is wrong with us. The younger generation today are preoccupied with trying to be like the famous basketball or baseball players or even actors and singers to the point of dressing and acting like them and even buying anything with their names on it. These said role models don’t care whether we buy their apparel, perfumes, records etc. since they will get paid with or without our small donations to their fat paychecks. They don’t even care that we are disappointed when they are arrested, have to enter rehab or end up dying of an accidental overdose. Are these the role models we want?

I don’t think so.

The ‘ REAL ROLE MODELS ‘ we should look up to are the men and women who continue to serve our country and which are still NOT getting the recognition or the ‘thanks’ from most of us.  Why waste time criticizing our government for the wars, unemployment , the economy, the blood sucking banks who cater to the rich or the price of gas? I say let’s begin appreciating the fact that many of our men and women are out in a foreign country fighting a war they did not start to give us the freedom we take for granted every day. These are the role models we need to look up to because they go through extensive trainings in order to be prepared to serve and protect us and our country.  They are also leaving family and friends behind in hopes of returning one day as civilians to continue raising their kids, being husbands and wives and hopefully getting the recognition they deserve for risking their lives for us.

Role models are not those making gazillions of dollars for tossing a ball in a field or through a hoop, skating around a rink and knocking someone’s teeth out, or those singing the same song but in a different key or those acting the fool in a comedy or action movie.  Role models should be our service men and women because they do not show up on television showing off their million dollar homes or putting their names on a shirt, sports drink or jet setting to and from an island and they are not eating at the most expensive restaurants and wearing blinding bling just because they can afford it.  No, our service men show up on television when their vehicle is blown up, when their base has been bombed, when their friends are shipped back home in a box or when they are given two minutes to say hello to family and friends on the morning news.

Our service men are not eating at the fanciest restaurants, they are eating whatever they can carry and unwrap while walking through rough terrain or trudging through water. They are not wearing fancy bling, they are wearing camouflaged uniforms, with backpacks and guns strapped to their bodies because they need to protect themselves while serving our country.  It would be great to have these service men and women come back home with a guaranteed job, health insurance, and support from our government when they need it because everything they witnessed while at duty, has damaged their minds in one way or another.

Role models.  Choose them wisely for they are just like you and me, with flaws, wanting more out of life and hoping to be respected and thanked for all we do in our lives.