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We all go through the motions of complaining and wanting what we don’t have or wanting MORE when we should take a step back and ask ourselves, “why are we complaining?”.  As we complain about our heating bills, there’s a homeless man somewhere in the cold trying to keep warm in his tattered blanket and trying to keep his feet warm in his worn out shoes which he keeps on his feet tied with some rope.  When we complain about not being taken out to fancy dinners or having to go to ‘kiddie restaurants’ instead of “grown up restaurants”, that same homeless man is begging for money in the streets but no one will give him any because they think he will buy alcohol or drugs with it and now he must search through the trash cans for something to put in his stomach.

There are also times when we want a fancier car because our neighbor’s husband bought his wife that shiny new expensive car and there’s that man on the road riding his bicycle to and from work every day, in the cold, in the rain and he is not complaining because he has a job to go to, even if it’s to wash dishes, but he’s working and glad he can get there in order to earn a decent living to feed his family. Shame that we are wanting a better car and he is only wishing it doesn’t rain on his way to work.

Ah, then we complain because we are having a bad hair day (that would be me) and the humidity makes our hair frizz up like Don King and why can’t I have straight hair like the Asian girls who don’t need to worry about the humidity and we never even think about the woman or young girl with cancer and going through chemotherapy and has no hair and wishes she had half the hair we have, frizz and all. Do we even wonder what it would be like NOT to have hair?

Sometimes we are too busy shopping for the most fabulous shoes, because we must have that pair of sexy heels with the straps around the ankle and we must wear them until our feet can’t take it any more and do we wonder what a person in a wheelchair feels like with shoes on their feet but unable to walk? I don’t think we do because we’re too happy we got them on sale, with a coupon too.

What about the times we complain that our significant other (mostly the husbands) don’t do too much around the house but watch tv, hog up the remote control or lay around reading or listening to music instead of doing more for us when there’s a woman crying for the loss of her husband, there’s another one wishing her husband would stop beating her and let’s not forget the one who only wants her husband to spend more time at home with her and not away from home doing who knows what?

Another thing we complain about (guilty as charged) is our job and that boss from hell who loves to hear themselves speak and all we hear is waa-wa, wa-wa-waaa, just like Charlie Brown’s teacher because after a while their voices puts us in automatic ‘sleep mode’ and we can’t stand hearing about how we all need to be a team player etc but there’s a person filling out applications and wanting a job, any job, because they need to pay the bills, feed the kids and they’re willing to do anything just to have a job.

So why do we complain? Because it’s in our nature and as humans we fall into a routine of feeling sorry for ourselves and wanting more when we should try to enjoy what we have, whether it’s a lot or not, and not complain or worry about the little things. Yeah, we’ll keep doing it but at the same time we can stop, reflect and appreciate the “now” and not strive for the “what I want” or the “what I wish I had”.  The grass isn’t always greener on the other side (really it’s not, you should see my neighbor’s yard!).

I always say, if the complaining is something you can’t avoid, then use that ‘in case of emergency’ bottle opener and crack open a bottle of Merlot and if only for ten minutes, forget your worries and drink and be merry for tomorrow you’ll complain again.

Life is good,