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What Valentine’s Day may mean to some of us:

– Waiting for our lover to bring us flowers, candies and gifts.

– Dressing up in our best for a romantic dinner.

– Stressing over buying the perfect gift.

– Not knowing if we should buy a gift so early in our relationship.

– Unsure if the secret lover should get a gift or not.

– Not wanting to buy an expensive card but with no time to run to the dollar store, we invest in a four dollar Hallmark card.

– Dreading the thought that we are alone yet another year be it due to not having a significant other, or due to the loss or our loved one.

– Hating the office show off who gets the biggest bouquet and you have never seen her boyfriend (did she send them to herself? hmmm..)

– Upset that the five dollar bouquet from the market is now triple the price you pay during the week.

– Wondering why a naked cupid with a bow and arrow has anything to do with Valentine’s Day.

– Smiling when you’re given several boxes of chocolate, dark chocolate at that, when you’re more of a Butterfingers girl.

– Wishing you had the right words to share with your friend who lost their significant other and this day only makes them sad.

– Bringing random flowers to someone in a nursing home just because and watching the smile on their face.

– Buying the cards and lollipops for the entire class of your 6-year old (how I miss those days).

– Still buying the small heart-shaped box of chocolates, all five pieces, for your child and they’re now teenagers (yes I still do that..lol).

– Waiting to buy the chocolates after February 14th because they’ll be 50 to 70% off….yes, we do!

May everyone have a nice February 14th day no matter what you celebrate.

Life is good,