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In today’s society we are always blaming everyone but ourselves when it comes to obesity in our children. For instance,  McDonald’s is being blamed for obesity and obesity-related deaths which I find a bit curious since we are the ones walking through those glass doors following the smell of just made french fries and as we read the menu to decide what we want (and the menu really hasn’t changed in the past several years so we should know it by heart) we place our order and out of guilt choose a diet drink instead of the regular sugar-coated drink in hopes of consuming fewer calories.  So now we’re addicted to their fries (I was guilty until they began over salting the fries and when I asked for unsalted fries they made me wait ten extra minutes because they needed to make a fresh batch) Why would they salt all the fries? What if I have high blood pressure or am allergic to salt? And why put an entire box of salt on their fries? Oh back to the topic, obesity. Enter a group of advocates who now wish to attack McDonald’s, I guess this group has failed to recognize that kids can’t walk into a McDonald’s by themselves, it takes a parent to buy and feed this so-called obesity causing food to their kids.

There’s another controversy on a commercial where the kid asks his mom “why am I fat?” and the mom is sitting across from the child and she is also fat (forgive me since the word fat is most likely not politically correct but that’s from the commercial).  Perhaps the commercials go a little too far, but America needs to stop blaming others and take responsibility for not curbing their kids junk eating habits, not encouraging them to eat healthy, give them salad and fruits once in a while, or perhaps stop buying that extra gallon of ice cream because it was on sale.  We need to lead by example and if we tell our child they are not fat, they are big-boned, then they are in denial. What exactly is being big-boned mean? That your bones are bigger therefore you are heavy? This is sad because these young kids are now candidates for high cholesterol, heart disease among other health risks which may lead to death.

I’m no fitness expert or any other health professional for that matter but I do know I want my kids to be healthy and even when they were younger I was a fast food offender, well I only did it every Fridays as a treat, didn’t we all? I believe we are guilty of fattening our kids up as a result of our upbringing, well at least in the Latin community upbringing. I recall my Mom always telling me I wasn’t feeding my oldest son enough. He was too thin she used to say. She even told me all she had to do was take him home with her for two weeks and she would fatten him up. Fatten him up, is this normal? Well, the hispanic culture believes a chubby baby is a healthy baby. Go figure! We’re feeding these kids ‘arroz con gandules’, ‘chuleta’, ‘platanos’, you name it we fed it to them, and the older generation did not believe in Gerber baby food or cereal in their milk. Nope, we mashed our own potatoes, made home-made soup etc and fed these soon to be ‘big-boned’ babies with our family recipes.

My theory is, instead of blaming the McDonald’s, Wendy’s etc for our children’s weight problems, let’s take responsibility and DO something about it so they CAN be our next ‘healthy’ generation and let’s encourage them to eat healthier and exercise.  If we don’t do it, who will?

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