It’s hard to believe how another year is passing us by. It was only yesteryear that we watched the ball drop down from Times Square and I was even more surprised that Dick Clark was still clinging to life long enough to make an appearance for yet another ball dropping.

Since I do not make any New Year’s resolutions (because I know I won’t keep them) I will wish everyone and their loved ones a Happy and Healthy New Year. May you begin 2012 on a good note but may you especially begin it in good health and surrounded by those who mean a lot to you….preferably your loved ones and not the ones who come over to drink your good booze and eat your food…LOL.

I also want to “Thank” all my blog followers, visitors and commentators for sharing your thoughts and comments and for taking the time to read my wacky writings.

Happy New Year to everyone and may we continue to dream big, for one day we will have what we dream for..if we are deserving of it.

Life if good,