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I still don’t get it. Why is it America frowns upon those who are tagged as ‘illegal aliens”, “immigrants”, “non residents” etc.? Hmmm, I feel this is a case not worth arguing with anyone since the opinion of some are way too strong for my liking. Do I care that we have illegal aliens here taking what others feel are our jobs? No! Why? Because this world is big enough to share with EVERYONE! Yes, Americans feel those who enter this country illegally are taking our jobs. Really? What jobs? Washing dishes, mowing lawns, serving food at restaurants, washing cars, delivering food….are these the jobs Americans are referring to? Ahh, I don’t see any immigrants as Executive assistants, investment bankers, doctors, nurses, bus drivers, managers, lawyers, police officers or computer technicians, and most of these people have higher education from their countries which are not acknowledged here.

So why are we crying that ‘they’ are taking our jobs? I don’t get it and I won’t argue because they don’t bother me and I don’t bother them. If we have to fight for the jobs no one wants to do then so be it, but why make it seem like they are not welcomed here? Why criticize the government and request we deport immigrants when they are making an honest living and getting paid crapola for an honest job? Seems ironic that we have terrorist entering our country, getting free education, learning how to fly planes, work in our government offices, have access to government funds while we bust our ASSteroids to make an honest living and they turn around and hurt us by bombing our government buildings, blow up planes, train stations etc but we want to have the immigrants removed from our country and all they are doing is working and sending money to their families. What is wrong with us America?

Perhaps I have it all wrong but it’s not fair for us to focus on “deporting” undocumented immigrants and removing them from our country when all they are doing is trying to better themselves. Ok, at the risk of getting flack for this post I am willing to take it because I don’t understand the logic behind it when more than half of us are having our lawns mowed by ‘these people’, having our food cooked by ‘these people’, having our children taken care of by ‘these people’, having our cars washed, our homes painted, our food delivered by ‘these people’.

Why is America being so selfish when there are more important things we should focus on like:

– insurance for our elderly

– shelter for our homeless

– protecting our children from predactors, bullies etc.

– finding a cure for breast cancer (or any type of cancer)

– affordable housing for single parents trying to make a living

– protecting our children’s future

Am I totally clueless? Did I miss a memo somewhere during the snow?  I don’t know. I just know that we need to learn to begin putting ourselves in someone else’s shoes and not be quick to judge for one day those we judge may be the ones we may need to help us out of a bind.

Life is good,