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I could say Happy Holidays or Happy New Year but it just doesn’t sound right to me when all I’m thinking of is saying the right things to those who are feeling down, depressed, or plain not in the holiday spirits. I have dubbed myself Mrs. Scrooge hating the holiday music, shopping, wrapping and unnecessary stress but the one thing I do a lot during the holidays is wonder, and worry, about those who have lost a loved one and those who are far away from their families which makes them dread the holidays.

If you can think of a friend or family member who is down and out because they’ve lost a loved one and the end of year is especially difficult for them, why not give them a call, take them to lunch or spend a day with them. Don’t try telling them things will get better with time or that time will heal wounds if you’ve never experienced what they are experiencing. Sometimes just being there and listening or reminiscing with them is all that is needed. I do get sad for those suffering and feeling a pain they can’t describe and I only wish they try to enjoy their lives during the holidays and enjoy the memories left to them by their loved ones.

To many people are celebrating the holidays while others are mourning a loss or longing to see family members who are far, far away.

May everyone needing a shoulder to cry on, find one, may anyone shedding a tear find the courage to call a friend and vent, may those overspending and planning for the holidays take the time to share a moment with the friend who lost a husband, child, mother, daughter, sister or son. May anyone feeling blessed for having so much take the time to give to those who have less. May those who constantly complain about what they don’t have, take the time to be happy with what they have. May those wanting or lacking things in their lives find themselves in good health for without it they can’t enjoy what they are longing for.

Enjoy life during the holidays because life goes on with or without a celebration.

Life is good,