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It seems my “Guest Writers” tab is in need of contents since no one has taken advantage of my offer to send in articles, essays etc. for posting.

I am once again offering everyone the opportunity to have your work posted on my Blog.  What am I getting out of it? Nothing except hopefully having the pleasure of posting great articles from my fellow writers.

If you’re not sure what to submit, here are a few suggestions:

With Thanksgiving coming up why not write about the things you are thankful for or better yet, write about how you would make this Thanksgiving memorable.  I’m making it memorable by NOT cooking, NOT getting the free stupid turkey from Shop Rite (maybe I’ll get a ham..LOL)

How about your poetry? I’m sure you would like to share some of the poems you carry around in the spiral notebook. Or perhaps comedy is what you do best..hey, I love a good comedy…either way if you want to share your writing send me an email at: ev765@hotmail.com with Guest Writer in the subject line and I will gladly post it.

I also need to mention that ALL contents on my blog are automatically posted on my Facebook page which means you will be getting more readers and I will also post your name and blog link to direct traffic to your blog if you would like me to do so.

If you’re thinking about it, think no more….Write, Post, Send, email…..let’s share our creativity with the World!!

So ready, set, start sending in your work!  And you don’t have to twist my arm…I will gladly write for you too!…..only if asked of course!

Life is good,