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It’s Friday night and I’m tired, hungry and grumpy and as I drive through our neighborhood the remains of that freak snowstorm is still evident as I drive by fallen branches, tree limbs on the verge of falling over, branches hanging over fences etc.  The last thing I expected was to see kids dressed up in Halloween costumes running around ringing bells.  Hello!? What is wrong with these people!  Why are parents even taking these young ones around begging for candy when every store in town is selling the candies at 50% off? Go get them a bag of M&M’s and be done with it!

When my son told me Halloween was postponed I didn’t believe him since I already hightailed it to the store and returned all the candy I purchased for October 31 since only one kid showed up at our door for Halloween.  Ahhh, am I being a Halloween Scrooge? Yes I am, I deserve some peace and quiet after working five days a week and getting little sleep since Mr. Eve snores like a freaking dinosaur.  My take on going from house to house begging for candy on a cold frigid night when there are tree limbs hanging over my property is too much to write about.  I was so afraid one of those little camouflaged fools would trip over the branches littered over my driveway or have the one branch hanging by a thread fall on someone’s head.  Do I need a lawsuit now? No! Would it be our fault if someone got hurt? No! If the parents are ignorant enough to take them walking around for free candy, I say it would be their fault.

Trick or treat, smell my feet!! Halloween is supposed to be on October 31 NOT November 4.  Do I care that Mr. Eve mocked my sign on the front door which read “Sorry no candy”….No I do not!!  I didn’t have candy and since I also didn’t have any wine in the house, I didn’t want anyone ringing my bell.