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Today I confirmed yet again why I hate going into a Walgreen’s store. The first time I entered this establishment was right after one opened near my home and I was excited to see what they had to offer and sadly they got me with the candies! Yep, if I can buy a box of Raisinettes and Goobers for a dollar, I’m there! So now I did the typical Latina thing and purchased my movie candies at Walgreen’s because I refuse to pay four dollars for a box of Gummie Bears and another four for a box of Raisinettes at the already over priced movie theatre. Which brings me back to my point. I seldom venture off the candy area since I do my shopping for toiletries etc at either Rite Aid or CVS. That was until my son became ill and I rushed over to Walgreen’s since it was closer in search of lots of medicine. Well, here I am lost in the aisles since I rarely pass the candy and buy one get one free  aisles and was traumatized by their prices.

Ah, why would I pay $10.49 for a bottle of Motrin when I could get it at Rite Aid or CVS three dollars cheaper? Hmm, my kid’s health is priceless so I put the overpriced Motrin in my basket and head over to cough drops. Yikes! they were priced at almost four dollars and I know where to get it for half price, but I put it in my basket. Now I go for the nighttime medicine and the price is similar to everything else so I drop it my basket. Now I need toothpaste and can’t find a tube for less than five dollars!  This is when I drew the line. I put everything back, mumbled to myself about heading to  Rite Aid, can’t find a spot for the overpriced alcohol rub so I put it next to the hair dye and head out the door.  Ooops, yet again I went off track since I wanted to talk about my experience with them today so here goes…I will try to stay on track this time.

Mayonnaise and tuna that is what Mr. Eve asked me to get on my way home from an ice hockey game. With my toes frozen, my nose running and to add to it I’m having a bad hair day and wish not to be seen or recognized the last thing I need is to wait on a supermarket line for two freaking items.  “Save yourself sometime Ev, and get it at Walgreen’s. They have the tuna for ninety-nine cents,” he tells me. Instead of telling him what he could do about the tuna and mayonnaise I agree (which surprised me because my toes where quite numb and the team lost the game!) Where the hell is the mayonnaise and tuna at a Walgreen’s? Do they even have that? Yes they do, so I’m staring at several cans of tuna and none of them say ninety-nine cents so I grab one and the hell with the sale price since I will not look for a circular nor try to cut out a coupon at this stage. Now there’s the mayonnaise, wow Hellman’s not bad and it’s on sale for $3.79. I could have sworn it was cheaper at the market but I’m a mustard gal and mayonnaise is rarely on my shopping list.  Ahh, heading to pay and no one on line. Here’s where it gets to me.

“That will be $8.88 please,” says the cashier. I hand him my ten dollars and after I get my change I aske”$8.88? why $8.88?”, I’m thinking it would be around five or six bucks. “well that’s including tax ma’am”, he responds. I hate it when they call me ma’am! I’m not at the ma’am stage yet!  “Ahh, $7.99 for mayonnaise! Are you kidding me? I’m not paying $7.99 for mayonnaise! Your sign has it listed for $3.79.” The clueless cashier has the audacity to ask, “Did you read the fine print? was it last week’s sale price?” “What!? I don’t have time to read no fine print and besides I don’t even have my glasses with me to read your tiny fine print. I would need a telescope to read your fine print and how would I know if it was last week’s sale price?” He rolled his eyes, pages some guy named Hector (great, now this guy will think it’s a Latina thing) and tells me to wait at the other register because I told him to keep his eight dollar mayonnaise.  So Hector comes by with a friendly manager smile, I explain about the price tell him I will get the other mayonnaise NOT in the squeeze bottle since perhaps the one I got was in the wrong spot. After walking back to Hector he scans the mayonnaise and it rings at $7.99. “What? your sign says $3.79 and this one also scans at $7.99, would you like me to rip out the sign and bring it to you? I think you better keep your mayonnaise sir, I rather drive to the A&P and get it cheaper.” Hector smiles and tells me he will take care of it after I say, “I don’t want a jar of mayonnaise for $7.99, I could buy a ready-made tuna sandwich cheaper than that!”  Bottom line, Hector takes care of it, rings it up for $3.79 or whatever it was and gives me back the difference. Thank you Hector from the Walgreen’s located in Denville NJ!!!

Normally I don’t argue about prices or notice I’ve been overcharged until I reach home but when I pay almost ten bucks for two items, you better believe the Boricua in me comes out.  Of course, you know Mr. Eve had to get an earful from me after that episode. I told him next time he better get his own damn mayonnaise and tuna and not to even mention my going to Walgreen’s again!

Walgreen’s, Walbaum’s, Wal-Mart…all these darn Wall places are now on my “only go there if you’re short on gas or MUST go to the nearest place” list.

The one good thing during all this was I forgot about my frozen toes. If you are wondering if I had a tuna sandwich, no I did not. I made myself a salad.