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Ladies and Gentlemen,

Did you remember that October is still National Breast Cancer Awareness Month? This is not all about wearing our pink ribbons for the month of October, this is about saving lives and encouraging women to get examined for breast cancer.  This is also about raising money to help those who have been diagnosed with breast cancer and we all know someone who is faced with this dreaded disease.

October tends to be a month where we all rush around buying excessive candies to handout for Halloween, decorating our lawns and getting excited about the costumes, candies and pictures we want to save in our scrapbooks. Let us MAKE this October even more special by not only wearing our pink ribbons but by donating money to such a good cause.  We need to encourage our sisters, mothers, friends, daughters and neighbors to get a mammogram, get examined and help fight and find a cure for Breast Cancer.

I do give, not much, but every little bit helps! I often buy the Breast Cancer stamps and any merchandise which helps give some of the proceeds to help find a cure.

For more information why not visit one of my favorite sites the Susan G. Komen at ww5.komen.org or visit the Revlon site since they are also strong supporters as well.

Men – you can help too since this disease affects men as well.

OCTOBER IS NATIONAL BREAST CANCER AWARENESS MONTH!  Let’s all join in and help find a cure.

Thank you,