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It’s always good to “thank” your blog visitors because without them our blogs wouldn’t be successful. I am extremely grateful when anyone visits my blog and this is my personal ‘thank you’ because some of you leave comments, return to read some more, share my posts with friends and even recommend your friends to visit my blog.

I personally respond to all comments posted by my readers and visitors and if you posted a comment and didn’t get a reply, then my apologies. There’s a SPAM program which is part of this blog and since I’m still ‘technically blog challenged’ I don’t know where to look or how to review these SPAM identified comments. Which means if you posted a comment and I didn’t reply, then it was SPAMMED….and I don’t mean SPAMMED as in the luncheon meat some of us Latinas remember having with eggs growing up (stop acting like you don’t know what I mean, LOL).

In closing, I will once again give all my readers, posters, referrers and commenters my personal:


for being a part of my work.