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I just read a disturbing story of 14-year old Jamie Rodemeyer who recently took his own life. Wow, 14 years old and because of the cowardly acts of bullies on cyber space, home, school or otherwise, this young man who barely lived his life ended it on Monday.  Why is society so hell-bent on encouraging others to take their lives because they’re either gay, ugly, nerdy, weird, different or whatever label society pins on them? Do these people have a conscience at all? Would they like to see their loved ones take their lives because they are different? Where are the parents of these bullies? Why do we read about the victims and seldom read or post the faces of the ones responsible for these senseless tragedies?

I often wonder if the parents of bullies are aware their kids are bullies, mean girls or instigators. My thoughts are as follows:

– Parents of bullies should be held responsible for their children’s acts. If their kids encourage others to hurt themselves or take their lives, the parents should be put in jail along with their kids.

– Bullies should be treated as adults and placed in the most dangerous prisons available. Want to be a bully, show how tough you are with hard-core criminals.

– Mean girls (and parents of mean girls, you know who you are) should be placed in the meanest women facility available. Try telling one of them you want the top bunk (it ain’t gonna happen).

– Bullies, mean girls etc. are those who lack self-esteem, have zero self-confidence and obviously do not know the meaning of ‘love’. Whatever happened to love they neighbor? Anyone?

My heart breaks for every parent who have lost a child or loved one due to the insensitive acts from those who think it’s funny to tell someone to go ahead and kill themselves because no one cares for them. Really? Do you really believe this? Do you even think about what you are saying to someone else and actually sleep at nights knowing how dangerous your words are? Would you want someone to tell YOU to kill yourself because you are different? How are we different?

Gays bleed, hurt, cry and love just like everyone else. Nerds and unattractive people also bleed, hurt, cry, love and have goals and ambitions just like everyone else. So why are they different? Why should they kill or hurt themselves? I would like to know how these bullies will feel when they reach their 60’s and 70’s, would they feel remorse at their actions?

I believe we need to take a look at our homes and discuss the dangers of bullying others and stop the senseless tragedies which is spiraling out of control no thanks to the bullies who share our breathing space.  If I ever find out my kids are bullies, or have bullied or followed bullies..they will remember that day for the rest of their lives because as a mother I do not tolerate my own kids being bullied and I will be damned if I will allow them to bully someone else’s child. Yes, I will show my kids my definition of being bullied and I will talk in tongues while I’m at it (that would be in Spanish).

Parents – be aware of what is going on with your kids online, Facebook, school, friends etc. because sometimes we do fail to observe and protect them being we are wrapped up in our day-to-day routine.

Let’s try to stop others from bullying those who need professional help or are feeling like they don’t belong because everyone is just as important as the next guy and no one should feel they are not important enough to live.

The only way to get back at the bullies and haters is to prove to them what you are made of and LIVE another day because NO ONE PERSON can take away your ‘free will’ and NO ONE PERSON should take away your dreams.  In closing, the best thing you can do is stay away from the negative ‘social’ media and instead spend your time with those who TRULY care and love you since they are the ones you leave behind hurting and missing you.

I CARE and so should YOU!