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LOL, ok ,ok so I have gone and tagged myself as a “Latina” woman with a chip on her shoulders. Or have I?

Whatever happened to the Real Housewives of Puerto Rico? Wait! Scratch that since Puerto Rico is NOT the only Island with Latina women who need representing. What about the Real Housewives of ‘Santo Domingo”? or “Columbia”? or “Ecuador”? or “Nicaragua” ? or “Cuba”? or perhaps, Brazil, Peru, Mexico, Argentina, Chile, Costa Rica, Panama, Phillipines, Spain, Portugal, and every other Latin country I failed to mention!”

If you really want to show a ‘Real Housewife’ Show, contact the Latin community and get the real deal on what goes on when the women run the show, the money, the man and the household.  Ahh, hello! Is there a reason you forgot to include us in the mix? And PLEASE do not even think that counting Evelyn from the  Basketball Wives show count as your attempts at including a “Latina in your show”….come on Bravo TV, that is the lamest excuse ever! Are you ever going to even USE the Latina woman in your Bravo TV ? You already have your Nene so where is your Maria or Carmen of the REAL housewives TV show? Do we care about the New Jersey family? Or do we want the REAL Boricua of the Bronx or Harlem or heck New York? Did you forget we are EVERY where? LOL.

Don’t be shy Bravo TV producers, use your skills to reach out and touch someone just like the good ole days.