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Today I said goodbye to my colleagues and friends after five years of working with them. Five years, that’s not long you may say or think but for me these five years seemed like  ten or fifteen years of working with these people. I am not saying this sarcastically, it really seemed like I was there far longer than the five years and five months I actually worked there. 

You see this was my second job in my lifetime and I am forty-something and that is damn good in this day and age since I don’t come across people who lasted in their jobs longer than that. If I am wrong, my apologies to those who have hung in there long enough. See I was at my first job for twenty-plus years and the reason I am no longer there is because I was the victim of down-sizing back in the days.  My current job was my second job and I really didn’t see it as a career. I considered it more as a job which I disliked referring to it as such because I really missed being the ‘career suit-wearing-woman’ from my corporate bank days. Either way, I did try to make it into a semi-career, wearing my best clothes while I was asked plenty of times why I was dressed up when people dressed down. I even dressed up on Fridays!  You can take the woman out of the Corporate world but CAN’T  take the “corporate’ out of this WOMAN..lol.

So what is my point here? Today was my last day at my second job since I was offered a position about ten minutes from my home from a professional when I was NOT looking for a job. Why did this happen? I don’t know. Why did I accept the position? aahhh…ten minutes from my home, ahh, nice people, ahh, learning a new industry!  Need I say more?  Like I said before, I am forty-something and if I am offered the opportunity to learn a new industry without the proper training or education and it happens to be ten minutes from my home….I think it’s a no-brainer…even though I did have to consult with several family members and friends before saying yes.

I guess when you accept where you are and allow yourself to be who you are and challenge your current position, things do fall into place. If I were looking for a job I am sure I would NEVER find one ten minutes from my home. What are the odds?

Let’s go back to my last day. I really didn’t expect to have all the emotions of letting go and saying goodbye to some of the most genuine individuals I had the pleasure of coming across and working with. I hate to admit that thanks to Hurricane Irene, my last day was on a Friday when half the staff was working from home. This helped in making my goodbye seem less stressful and I was able to avoid the ‘customary’ cake and conference room gathering which I personally dislike since half the time the staff is forced to stop working and gather to say their goodbyes when I’m sure they prefer to be on the phones selling, helping customers or just plain going through their daily routine.

I will say, I honestly know which individuals really mean they will miss me, and honestly regret depriving them from giving me a ‘real goodbye’,  but for me, goodbye seems like an end to a life or a friendship, and I rather walk away and say “have a nice weekend” knowing in my heart that those TRUE friends will continue to mean something to me , because  I will continue to communicate with them for I will be their friend to the end (just like that Chucky doll from the movie Child’s Play..Friends to the end!)  Kelina you can relate to this one!

So when you change your job, or are fired, or downsized or have to quit just because….never feel bad even though we do cry and feel sad because our routine will change. Don’t let your emotions get the best of you, think of all the memories you have, which you will take with you of all those characters you worked with. No matter what the reason you are changing jobs is, remember that life goes on, people will remember you IF you left a good impact in their lives and if you didn’t…What the heck!!!! Life is all about taking chances, making changes and following your dreams and heart while you still have the chance to do so.

I am so lucky someone called me and offered me the opportunity to learn something new. For this forty-something mom is going through her fifth or sixth ‘mid-life’ crisis and there’s nothing better than keeping your brain active and learning new things before our friend “AL’ also known as “ALzheimer’s” creeps in and takes what is so important to us…..our memories.

Life is good and I hope the next chapter in my life is as filled with great memories as my last five years has been!