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To all the people affected by Hurricane Irene’s wrath I hope you are finding the strength and energy to deal with any loss, damages or floodings you’ve had to endure.
May you find comfort when your neighbors, friends and family offer their help. May you know that although you may not think so, things will find a way of getting better. May your faith and love for your family give you the strength NOT to give up and do the best that you can to deal with any aftermath caused by Hurricane Irene.
May you remember there are some who have lost a loved one while you were lucky and only suffered flooding, a tree on top of your home, lack of electricity or something not as tragic as losing a family member. May you find the time to pray, or think, of those who are far worse than you are and may you also lend a hand even if you feel you can’t do enough to help.  A kind word or comforting words really means a lot to someone who needs it.
May those of us who can help and lend a hand or contribute to a relief fund be able to do so to help our fellow Americans who need help.
And in closing…Thank you to all the men and women who are working day and night to help those in need and for your patience when those affected do not understand you are doing the best you can to make their lives a little more comfortable during these trying times.
With time, things will get better.