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I really don’t like using my blog as a sounding board but I really can’t get over the fact that today that damn travel mug from hell decided to spill its contents all over my chest! Blasted thing gave no warning, no signs of “not being tightly” closed and I believe it was a planned sneak attack!

Here I am driving in a quiet car, because I don’t turn on the radio until I have my ‘quiet time’, and I shove a piece of buttered toasted wheat bread in my mouth ( I hate that dry-ass wheat bread but my sister claims it’s healthier than white bread so I’m trying it) now I’m choking on this dry bread and reach out for my home-made coffee with my favorite french vanilla milk in an attempt to swallow the cardboard bread and what happens? I feel a burning sensation on my chest and the taste of coffee is minimal as I only swallowed a drop or two and I yell out “ouch” as my right breast burns when the scalding liquid makes contact and then it trickles down my stomach then to my black pants.  I’m at a traffic light, getting ready to make a right turn (which in Jersey you NEED to move either on red or green and make that damn turn before you get honked) and I’m holding the mug with one hand, trying to swallow the dry bread and hoping I don’t have third degree burns (ok so I’m exaggerating here) and instead of being angry at the fact that I just got burned, I was angry at the fact that I was covered in coffee, forgot to wear my favorite perfume (Liz by Liz Claiborne….I know it’s so 80’s but it IS my FAV) and I have yet to start my day!

I am pulling into the parking lot at work with my drenched in french vanilla coffee blouse and I’m not even drinking from that stupid-ass mug and fed the dry stupid wheat bread to the birds because I rather they choke on it instead of me…sorry animal rights people! I go into the lady’s room and attempt to rinse out my blouse, while wearing it, and thereby making matters worse! I’m sitting at my desk, turn on my computer and all I smell is ‘Eau de french vanilla coffee” as the wet blouse clings to my body. Now my co-worker tells me to go to the warehouse and wear one of the companies ‘sports t-shirts’ which I do. Now picture this: I am wearing high heels, dress slacks and a sports t-shirt..not a pretty sight but I did wear it well thanks to some compliments.  It was rather exhausting explaining to my colleagues that I was NOT dressed down today, I had to wear the t-shirt due to a coffee mishap. The story was repeated far too many times and quite frankly I hate that mug and will be buying a cup of coffee tomorrow to avoid another “mug attack”.

Why do these things happen when you feel you’re going to have a good day? I guess my stars weren’t aligned today.