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STOP THE INSANITY! These were the words of some famous comedian which I can’t recall. I will blame this today on the Merlot!

Social Media has become an important part of our vocabulary which I personally don’t care for since I still use my Franklin Time planner (this is an old-fashioned planner where you actually use pen and paper!). This planner is like a bible to me and when I can’t find the right size paper for it I totally freak out. Go ahead, laugh at me Ye of little faith and Ye using those automated planners, phones and gadgets from hell.  I’ll tell you this, when your power goes off, your battery dies or your data becomes corrupt, I will be the one sitting in the corner laughing because my only dilemma would be I used a pen instead of a pencil and now I have to cross out a cancelled appointment. Oh the agony of it all.

Why can’t we all just use pen and paper and a stamp and send someone a handwritten note? Is it so hard to take a few minutes out of our day to actually write what we feel to someone we care about instead of texting, emailing, twitter, Facebook or whatever else is out there!?!  Can someone PLEASE tell me what has happened to all those homing pigeons used to send messages under cover? Are they also on the ‘unemployment’ line? If they are, what can they possibly do but deliver messages since their skills are rather limited?

Social media, Facebook, Twitter, Texting..OH MY!  I sure hope those still using smoke signals got the memo that Social Media has taken over life as we know it.   What’s so wrong in picking up the phone and speaking to someone, mailing a REAL birthday card instead of an E-card or sending a letter so we can keep our mail ‘person’ employed?

Laugh if you will, I still send the occasional card, letter and “thinking of you card” and I DO walk into a post office and buy stamps….Technology has failed, will fail and is not the end all and be all…so USE paper…dammit, the trees have already been chopped down so stop kidding yourself that you will save one…WRITE! MAIL! STAMP IT AND LET SOMEONE ELSE EARN A LIVING.