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So today I felt I needed to once again express myself on this topic since the media keeps harping on it and protesters are out there speaking against ‘same-sex’ marriage.  Hmmm, I wonder if people wake up and decide they want to go out and hang around the streets with home-made signs protesting against same-sex marriage.  Why? If you have time to make a poster, plant your carcass out in public to voice your negative comments against a group of people you do not like and refuse to accept they can legally marry now, then why not take that time to volunteer and feed the hungry, take an elderly person to a museum or library, clean the city parks, or better yet help that neighbor with their handicapped child, mow their lawn, bring their paper and mail inside or if not, take a good look at your life!

Why does America feel the need to protest everything they do not understand, are afraid of or feel it ‘isn’t right’? Uhmm, where do these people find the time to stand outside to protest? I mean, I barely have time to read a book in my busy life or watch the news without sweeping the floor or feeding my cat and these jokers have time to make a sign! gather friends and family! AND stand out in the corner shouting like frustrated fools! Whew! I’ll have whatever they’re drinking.

America it is time to get over the following things and STOP the insanity of protesting, shouting, arguing and acting like it’s the end of the world as that so-called Harold Camping proclaimed:

1. The first African-American President – Yes get over it America! A man darker than the usual politicians, or as I refer to..a man with a tan…is now the President of the United States (sometimes we need to use ALL the crayons in the box!)

2. Same sex marriage – Get over it America! If two men or two women wish to spend the rest of their lives together, why not? who are we to protest against them? Before you judge or make your signs, take a look at your relationship…not as perfect as you wish it were right?

3. Casey Anthony – Get over it America! Yes she is guilty,  of what we will NEVER know but she is NOT the innocent woman she makes herself to be. Why support her? why give her book deals or movie deals? The media prostitute themselves for a story and give those NOT worthy the easy money others are working so hard to EARN.  Shame on you movie producers, publishers and reporters for being an accomplice to an unforgivable crime!

4. Weiner’s Wee Wee – Get over it America! He is guilty as charged! Lied like a rug! Hello? what idiot believes anything shared via text, Facebook, email or picture messaging will not become public knowledge?  Confirms my theory that most politicians are not only liars and cheats…they are also naive idiots.

5. Hazy, Hot and Humid – Get over it America!  Yes in most part of the country we have been dealing with hot and hazy weather. Temperatures of over 100 degrees and once again we feel we need to mention the weather in our every day conversation. Ahh, it’s either the SNOW or the HEAT, since when do we need to keep discussing the obvious weather?

6. Debt Debate – Get over it America! When you have two parties who refuse to play nice together, you will NOT get an answer we all agree on. I say put a group of women in that room with a few bottles of wine, chocolate and a few platters of veggies for show, then throw a few ladies PMS-ing and of course it would be a Friday and what do you get?  A DECISION!

America, instead of protesting same-sex marriage and being so against lesbians and homosexuals why not pick from  the topics below to focus on:

– Health insurance for our elders; keeping child molesters in jail; finding a cure for breast cancer (or any type of cancer); helping those with down syndrome or autism; providing a safe haven for abused or neglected animals; lending a helping hand for those living in shelters; keeping women safe from abusive partners; feeding those who have no means to feed themselves; protecting the homeless during the cold winter months; educating those ignorant who do not understand what it’s like to be different (be it gay or racial there are many obstacles people face and are discriminated against).

Why do Americans focus on the little things? Wake up and see the world for what it is. It is a world full of different people, ideas, races, issues and we may never get in sync with each other but we can hope that one day it will get better and we will just live and LET LIVE.

Life is always good,