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I have been mulling this topic over in my mind for several days now since having a conversation with a coworker. She mentioned how she was attracted to a man who is not Mr. Good looks or to put it bluntly is not all that to look at. As she was talking I didn’t see anything wrong with it. If anything I applaud it since with everyone wanting to date and be seen with hot chicks or good-looking studs I found it rather refreshing to hear a confident young woman admit she was attracted, and most likely had feelings, for a guy who was fun to be with, had a great personality, she loves his “giggle” and he makes her stomach flutter like a teenager. How’s that for all those people out there trying to be with the “pretty girl” or “boy toy?”.

Amazingly enough when we fall in love or in “like” with someone who is totally the opposite of what we want, it goes to show that WE are not in control of our feelings. Our emotions and our bodies react to others, and become attractive to others without choosing looks, personality etc. Isn’t it odd how sometimes we are attractive to someone we would never expect to fall for? What’s that all about? I applaud those who goes with the flow and follow their feelings and become involved with someone totally opposite of who they imagined themselves with.

What is all this about anyways? I don’t know. I just know that for every woman and man out there dating someone who their heart flutters for I have to say “KUDOS TO YOU” for following your heart and not following the rule of being with the ‘attractive person’ or the ‘Barbie’ or ‘Mr. GQ’ because of their looks.