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Wow, talk about self promoting and giving attention to myself when I am so against anyone making a big deal about my birthday. So why am I writing about myself? Well who better to make a speech or roast about me than none other than ME?

My sister-in-law often makes fun of my writing since I come across as negative, or anti this or that and more often write about things I dislike than things I do like. She sent me a message on Facebook (yes Elsa I do pay attention to all criticism I get) and warned me about ranting on my blog so I figured I write about me today.

Who am I and what does it mean to me to be celebrating another year of being ‘born’? I am a free spirit who enjoys life and tries not to judge anyone for I do not wish to be judged by others. I live my life, hopefully, in a way where when I no longer exist I will leave a positive impact on not only my sons and family but on those I have chosen to be a part of my life.

I enjoy each day as best as I can, I try not to let the “little things” bother me for they are just that, little things which should not affect my day or life. I do not want to be the best mother, wife, sister, daughter or friend in the world but I try to be the best that I can be to those it really matters to. I hurt when I see the news on how people abandon their young, hurt or kill their own, ignore their elders and have no regard for life. I hurt when our children are lost, missing, kidnapped or beaten by those too ignorant to know how valuable a life is.

I am the woman who finds the time in her busy life to volunteer at a nursing home because there are elderly people without family members or with family members who fail to visit them. I feel they are an important part of our society and have so much to teach us but we fail to listen because they are old, grey and wrinkled and we feel their lives are over. This is not the case.

I feel a birthday is not about presents, fancy dinners, getting cards with checks or gift cards or being the center of attention. To me a birthday is a celebration of the people we surround ourselves with, the love of our family, the health we hopefully have and about being grateful for another year of accomplishing greatness.

So who am I? I could be you,  I am me and I could be no one, for what really matters is who do I believe I am and I believe I am the woman who expresses herself without fearing rejection, criticism, and accepting myself as I am with faults and all.  For perfection does not exist here since I am still learning and growing each day and accepting my flaws because they identify me and who I am.

Happy Birthday to me for as I get older I feel I have begun the journey of accepting life as it is….which so far for me it continues to be grand.

Life is good,