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By now you should know that no subject or topic is off-limits to me. I write what I want, when I want, how I want. I guess that’s what’s so good of having your own blog. Freedom of speech and freedom of writing!

Gay marriage is something I rarely discuss with anyone or care to talk about because I feel I don’t have to share my views on gays or lesbians with anyone. I feel this world is big enough to share with EVERYBODY. If we can cover up for corrupted politicians (having their affairs and love children and texting their private parts) and sick priests (molesting young boys and perhaps girls but you only hear about the boys) greedy bankers (accommodating the Madoffs and other scammers) and all the other sinners out there…why is gay marriage such a big deal? Hello? Why is America so against gays and lesbians when honestly, there is so much more going on in this corrupted world than individuals wanting to have the right for same-sex marriage!?

Well like I said, I’m not one to hold back on my opinions but I read an article from this Tyree former NY Giant player guy and frankly I had my ‘ignorant’ hat on because his comments and article sounded plain ignorant to me! Why? Well for one, why would he say gay marriage will lead to anarchy? Did I miss a memo? How would gay marriage lead to anarchy? This is the part where I would need stick figures to explain to me. Is this guy for real or what? Ok so I am going out on a limb here because not everyone agrees with same-sex marriages..hell, not everyone sees eye to eye  on gays and lesbians! Why is that?! 

Maybe I am the ignorant one because of course my first job was smack in the middle of gay town in Greenwich Village in NYC where I spent 8 years working in a bank and working with what I call ‘normal people’ because honestly back in the 80’s I didn’t see anything wrong with being gay or lesbian. Was I wrong? Was I too young or naive? No! I just accepted my fellow colleagues and the customers as what they were…human beings! Isn’t that what it’s all about? If I don’t see color or race or categorize anyone for who they are, why would I do that for those who choose to want to be with someone of the same-sex? Who the hell am I to judge?

So when I read these comments from professional sports players, or politicians or society in general I ignore them because it doesn’t matter what they say or feel. I am secure enough to share my breathing space in this world with anyone and everyone because life is all about “living’! Do I want to be judged by anyone ignorant enough not to understand me? NO! Do I care what they think or say? NO! Heck, why not worry about finding a cure for cancer, alzheimer’s, autism or any other disease we are spending a gazillion dollars to figure out instead of opposing the happiness of others?

I don’t know what will become of this world we live in, all I know is we need to stop focusing on bashing gays and lesbians and focus our time and energy on more important things like healthcare for seniors, more help for single parents, more money for teachers, policemen and firefighters and more hispanics on the senate and the White House.  I wouldn’t mind a job in Washington D.C. decorating or even taking minutes at a few meetings and cutting back on unnnecessary spending.  Hell, I could teach those fools a thing or two about using coupons and buying two for the price of one!

So what about gay marriage! I say pass the damn bill and stop acting like this is a problem when there are more things to worry about like freaking BP ruining our beaches, Weiner sending pictures of his Weenie!, Madoff stealing from the rich (not that this bothers me), that stupid preacher claiming the end is near, Governor Christie acting like a fool and telling people to mind their business while his fat carcass is flying around in helicopters to his son’s games  while I’m paying four dollars plus for gas to go to work, we are closing down firehouses due to cutbacks and laying off teachers because of course, politicians are like spending the extra cash on hookers, helicopters, sex and video tapes and now they are trying to ban gay marriages!! OMG, am I like in the ‘twilight zone’ here?

Snap out of it America!!! Perhaps you need to refocus and regroup and not spend too much of your time worrying about same-sex marriages. Why not ‘live’ and let ‘live’? Why be such a selfish hard a&%?

We all bleed when cut. We all cry when hurt. We all die when it’s our time and we all deserve to live as we choose to so who are we to judge?

Life is good, why be an idiot and ruin it for others?