I have to thank two of my coworkers for this topic. Since I’ve been MIA from my blog for the past few weeks I had nothing to write about so I enlisted the help of two random colleagues and this is what they came up with. It didn’t help one of them happens to be a male.

So how can I turn this into a light story with some humor? Here’s what I came up with as far as MENOPAUSE:

This is not your typical topic about women going through ‘menopause’, no it isn’t. This is about the MEN going on mental pause,  I mean more like MEN ON PAUSE. Yes that’s exactly what men do best when asked to do something around the house, asked if those pants make our butts look big, can they change a lightbulb, will they put in a new roll of bathroom tissue, are they taking the garbage out…you name it, they go on automatic MEN ON PAUSE!  It’s like a secret male disease that only gets turned on when asked by their ‘significant’ others to do something meaningful or something around the house.

Here’s more proof of the MEN-ON-PAUSE syndrome:

Lost on the road and refusing to stop to ask for directions = Men on Pause

Not putting the cap on the toothpaste = Men on Pause

Forgetting to put the toilet seat down = Men on Pause

Leaving their shoes at the bottom of the stairs causing you to trip in the dark = Men on Pause

Asking if you’ve seen their wallet or cell phone? Really!? = Men on Pause

Leaving less than a sip of drink in the container and placing back in the fridge = Men on Pause

Not putting their dirty dish in the dishwasher (and you left it open) = Men on Pause

Using all the utensils, pots, pans, hand towels when making dinner and it wasn’t a two course meal = Men on Pause

I will stop now since all I’m thinking about is when will the Men on Pause turn into Men on Rewind or Men on Fast Forward?

Perhaps they should have taken the Red pill instead of the Blue one (in case you’re wondering this is from the movie the Matrix…Neo? Morpheus? No?…you don’t get it I see)

Life is good,