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Mr. Camping, since today is May 21 and I’ve been up since 6:30am because I had to feed my cat (and she gets upset and impatient to the point of jumping on our bed..which she knows it’s not allowed and wakes me up by either biting me gently or tapping my face with her paw..which I find it’s another no no since she uses that paw in her box) Ah, I did it again, went off on a tangent.  So Mr. Camping, today while watching the news and without having my first cup of coffee because I had a dress rehearsal for today’s final day and over indulged in the Merlot or was is Cabernet?

Sorry I should get to the point but my mind is full of so many ideas. Now I’m watching the news and everyone is ready for the BIG DAY yet again (I never got that memo by the way that this was to happen back in 1994) perhaps now you have my blog address send all important memos at your own discretion. Back to my point: so I hear you have spent ONE MILLION DOLLARS on advertising, billboards or something or the other and that you have not been using your own funds but those sent in to your non-profit organization.

I have no problem on how you spend your money since it is what it is but if the end of the world is coming why are you saving your money? If you won’t be needing it should you not spend it?  Well here’s my request for all those millions or gazillions you have stashed away. Send some to those in need in Japan due to the earthquake, put some in the budget for healthcare for the elderly, open up a classy state of the art nursing home ( I would be more than happy to help run it…make sure the location is in Northern New Jersey), put some into the policeman’s, firefighters and school teachers salary budget and finally……

Send some to me since I dialed Heaven-Seven and was told I will live yet another month or so. Really, I would love to help relieve you of some of the cash you will not be needing soon since the world is ending and with you being up there in age, you may not be around much longer, no offense.  I will gladly take cash, certified check or any other ‘guaranteed’ method of payment.