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I am on a blog roll today since time is running out…so Harold Camping says…LOL

Seriously – there are many charity events going on and as a strong believer that we need to support charities before we or anyone in our families become afflicted with any disease….here is my MAY plea for everyone to become active and join a charity or GIVE to a charity or organization looking for a cure.

Here are a few of my favorites:

Susan B. Komen Breast Cancer – www.komen.org

Alex’s Lemonade Stand  www.alexslemonade.org  this one is supports the fight against childhood cancer (my son donated half his birthday money to this charity one year when he was younger…great kid!)

Alzheimer’s Organization – www.alz.org   Lots of helpful information if you know someone affected by this disease.

March of Dimes – www.marchofdmes.com  You don’t need to be a parent to help find a cure for premature babies, birth defects etc.

Supporting these charities doesn’t take a lot of money. Just by buying the Breast Cancer awareness postage stamps is enough to help support this cause.

These are the types of posts I like!  Give freely, help these causes and help FIND A CURE!