Ok, ok so I have ‘caved’ and fallen victim to yet another over commercialized celebration.

This weekend everyone and their mothers, are out there spending their money on gifts, over-priced flowers, candies, plants and who knows what else they end up getting which will most likely end up stored in a closet somewhere. Personally I prefer those good old-fashioned cards and gifts my boys used to make in school when they were younger (except those stupid macaroni necklaces which I had to wear at least once in public to show how much I loved it)

So enough of my ramblings since I’ve posted before exactly how I feel about the ONCE A YEAR celebration of Mother’s Day when I happen to be a Mother all year round.

HAPPY MOTHER’S DAY to everyone who has had the pleasure (or displeasure) of parenting another human being.  Whether you feel appreciated or not, remember all you’ve given, sacrificed, gone without and resented was all worth it.

Life if good,