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War = for it saddens me to hear of the senseless death of our young men and women, mothers, fathers and those who bravely fight for our freedom!

Know it alls = for I despise those who think they know it all and yet they are clueless, ignorant and sometimes just plain annoying.

Dogs = for I am a ‘cat’ lover and hate to choose but ‘cats rule and dogs drool’ LOL…kidding, I don’t HATE dogs, but I do prefer CATS (yes I love the movie ‘Cats and Dogs…LOL, watch it, you’ll like it.)

Terrorist = for they not only look like they smell, they don’t know how to use a razor, wear robes instead of pants, all look alike and I can’t for the love of God pronounce their names!

Stretchy pants = for heavy set women wear them without covering their lower bodies with a longer shirt; thin women forget about camel toes and why wear the bright colors which makes us look?

Hypocrites = because they are what they are and those knives they dig in our backs hurt like a mother!

Presidential interruptions = because your favorite show is interrupted when the President needs to say something and you miss out on the ending of your favorite show….something you can’t recapture.

Tailgaters = because they are always in a hurry and expect you to speed up the moment they tailgate you. Hello, leave your house earlier because my carcass will only slow you down further!

Teenagers = because I have two of them and all I hear is “Mom can I have some money?” “Mom can you put money in my account?” “Mom, I need lunch money” “Mom what’s for dinner?” “Mom I need new clothes”, “Mom…Mom…Mom!!”  Hell..!  Did they forget they have a DAD!!!???!!

Spring = because Mr. Eve thinks I love gardening just because I have so many plants indoors and expects me to be outside planting and gardening like the neighbor’s wives…hello? Do I look like Martha Stewart or a Stepford wife…I am a Puerto Rican raised in NYC, I don’t do NATURE!

Special holidays = because I feel if you need a special holiday to celebrate, appreciate or buy me a gift, then your sorry-ass does NOT deserve me.  Celebrate me every day! Like it is meant to be!

Bad hair days = because I hate looking like Don King after I spent 2 hours blow drying my hair! Why don’t Asian people get the frizzies?  Totally unfair!

Royal weddings = LOL, yes I can’t let this go! I’m still pissed that I missed the regular news because of a Royal wedding…hello! Life still goes on Harry! or William or whichever one of them married Cate!!!!  LOL