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Yes I am at it again with my blog venting session. Perhaps I should focus more on my creative writing as opposed to venting on the things I feel do not deserve world-wide media coverage.

It all began on Thursday, April 28, the day before the infamous Royal Wedding. As usual, after my shower in the morning I turn on the TV to watch/listen to the news while I dress for work. Now the first thing I hear when the CBS morning news comes on is “Deadly tornados in the South, hundreds of people killed and many more unaccounted for….stay tuned for details but first let’s go to London for the latest Royal Wedding etc. etc. etc…”  Really! Is the Royal Wedding far more important than informing us of the latest tornado updates? Really CBS morning news? Do I have to wait for Katie Couric or who ever you’re going to turn the cameras and wait an entire half hour to find out about this devastation?

Now I’m so upset because not only do I have to wait for the “REAL” news, I don’t have a clue on what’s the weather like unless I stick my head out of the window. Is it a bad hair day? Is the humidity high? Will it rain? Do I use my curling iron or tie my hair in a ponytail? These are things I need to know before I leave the house, not whether or not high tea will be served during the wedding wait period.

Oh wait some quick news update on the tornado. Now the reporter is asking someone how they feel after the tornado hit…Hello, insensitive journalist! That person’s home was just flatten, they claim their neighbors are unaccounted for and if they had a family pet, I’m sure it flew away to the next State..why are you asking “how does this make you feel?” Stupid-ass!

Wedding schmedding!  If you want a wedding worth reporting, fly your sorry carcass to Puerto Rico, look up my cousin Tita Maria del Carmen Rosario Hernandez Garcia in a small city called Vega Baja and report her wedding. She’s the first family member I know of getting married, does not have a dozen kids, is wearing a white dress and yes, having the wedding in a real church (not the family bodega) and I believe it is being catered since the guests weren’t asked to cook for the event.  Now that’s a wedding worth reporting.

Don’t worry, I won’t even go into the actual wedding date…I knew the moment I turned on the TV. I would not be getting the weather so I quickly turned it off before forcing myself to listen to the boring weather channel.  Who watches that channel anyway?

Life is still good,