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Well it seems my men have not gotten the hint yet that I do not celebrate Mother’s Day. Wow, you say, this woman is so against Valentine’s Day, Easter and now Mother’s Day…what is wrong with her!

Nothing is wrong with me, really! I feel that if you HAVE to take ONE day out of the year to celebrate me, then something is wrong with your sorry-carcass.  Why would you wait until some random day in May to buy me flowers (spend an outrageous amount on them when you can get them cheap at the nearest market), take me to a fancy restaurant, where we will wait for over an hour to eat a half decent meal while the waiters rush you and give you the bill before you order desert, and then bring my sorry tired ass home to do laundry, clean, feed the cat and dust the damn house!

Why would you want to do this to me on the one day where I will feel under pressure to ‘act’ like I really want to be in that crowded restaurant, make small talk about nonsense, order something that looks pretty on the menu but when I get it, not only does it look unappetizing, it doesn’t even taste good. Should I pretend all this time just to make you happy because you WANT to take me out and if I say no I come across as an ungrateful B!   Ah, perhaps you need to acknowledge all the crap I do every day of the week, while still holding a full-time job, doing volunteer work, clean after the stupid cat who won’t let me groom her and now she’s barfing up hairballs from hell, killing all those stupid insects who have a million legs or jump and leap at the sight of light, clean the damn toilets who “no one care’s to wipe…because “IT WASN’T ME”…well I don’t pee standing that’s for sure”  ,and…where was I??? Yeah, then you take that one freaking day out of the year to acknowledge me as a Mom….why?

Can you not tell me why you don’t randomly show up with dinner, flowers or perhaps a cleaning lady once in a while to REALLY show me you appreciate me as a wife instead of forcing me to dress, wash my face and cover my grays just because society says it’s MOTHER’S DAY????  Hmmmm,, me bitter? No…perhaps just tired of waiting to be treated as the Queen that I am until society dictates it.

Well, I guess I will huff and puff until that next holiday I detest so I may vent yet again.

I love life….it continues to be good!