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Well, I went ahead and did it!!!  I turned into my worse enemy! There I was in CVS, looking for toothpaste, deodorant, shampoo and whatever else tempted me which I knew I didn’t need but had to buy anyway because I knew I would need it eventually…and what happens! You will never guess what this cold-hearted anti-Easter candy lady did!

Yes I did!  I fell for all that commercialization nonsense as my eyes glazed over at all the stupid well wrapped chocolate bunnies, Easter eggs, marshmallow peeps (the yellow ones especially) and all those dumb-ass ceramic gadgets (like why do I need an Easter bunny coffee mug…really?) then as my feet moved towards the almost empty shelves of all that represents Easter (NOT!), I reach for those stupid smiling hollow chocolate bunnies and begin to get one for each of my men who I left back at home (where I should be) and proceed to walk the aisles to see what else I can get.

OMG!  As my colleague from work says, who I shall call Jennifer to protect her identity (lol), so there I am walking the aisles with a hypnotic look in my eyes touching, and smiling (like a moron!) and gliding (the way I usually gracefully glide when I ice skate…ok so I wasn’t gliding!!) and finally I stop and ask myself, “Woman, what the hell are you doing? Did you not just say how so against all this you are?” and to my astonishment, I ignored myself…yes I did! I didn’t even respond, just kept looking and another thought hit me. ‘Where are the Spanish bunnies?!’ That’s when I should have put those Albino bunnies back on the shelf and paid for my toiletries but no! I stared at the 24 inch bunny (now who the heck would give a child so much chocolate? why? please tell me…why?)  Now I am staring at the white bunnies, then I stare at the brown bunnies and I wondered….where are the TAN bunnies!!!??  Anyone?

Needless to say I turned into a hypocrite! I even picked up two small cute bunnies (yes I said cute!) for two of the ladies in the nursing home, since I wanted to cheer them up when I did my volunteer work…and as I am driving to the nursing home I shake my head and give myself a speech on how could I have gone and turned into the trader that I felt like at that moment.

That goes to prove that these Corporate Marketers will do anything to make even someone like me fall for the bait and buy all that non-Easter related crap!  I must excuse my tone and language since I am writing it exactly how I lived it..

I may be needing therapy after this, perhaps I can return the damn bunnies since my men have yet to open and eat them and why not take them back?  Kidding! I will raise the white flag as I have weakened and surrendered to the dark side. In case you’re wondering what all this rambling is about, I recently posted “Easter, I don’t get it”, and now I guess I am eating my proverbial words….’ to err is human’..hmm, is it really?

Life continues to be good,