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By now you’re probably wondering ‘where does she get this stuff? Why ask why? Did she really go there?’…Yes I did!

What is Easter? I keep asking myself every time I see those stupid commercials advertising chocolate bunnies, Easter baskets, bonnets and let’s not forget the Easter outfits!….I’m like, “What is the TRUE meaning of Easter?” Is it the stupid candy people go out and buy to stuff into those plastic Easter Eggs then torture the kids by hiding them and making them “look” for them? What is up with that? Why not just hand them the stupid egg filled with candy and save them the trouble of getting their new Easter outfit dirty, running around beating their sibling over the head to get that purple egg they both found at the same time? Why? And what the heck do those yellow marshmallow Peeps have to do with Easter? Please, for years I overdosed on those yellow bastards, because you can’t just have one and I had nothing better to do than to eat half a dozen of those yellow chicks to get a sugar rush.

Chocolate bunnies….I must have missed the religious class which explained what bunnies, rabbits and baskets have to do with Easter. I won’t even talk about bonnets…hello? What am I missing here?  Are Easter/Passover holidays or religious observances of some epic moment which happened to mark some important event which we should really be celebrating? Is this yet another commercialized holiday, same as Valentine’s Day, which corporate America traps us into buying the plants, bulbs, candy, bread, chocolate bunnies and those stupid ruffle dresses for little ones which makes them look like a cream puff and the little boys like miniature men with oversized ties? Did I miss the memo explaining this holiday?

I don’t know, perhaps it is me the non-believer of buying the non-religious related items that feels the need to express herself since I despise not being able to find a seat at a place of worship because everyone and their mothers have decided to wear their best outfits and take my seat this ‘one time’ when they feel the need to show up to collect some palm, ash or other religious representation of this holiday.  Why show up on special occasions? Is this their way of getting a ‘speedy’ redemption pass or a step up to holiness for showing up that one special day?

Am I being too critical, harsh or unreasonable? Perhaps.

Why ask why?

And why can’t I find a stupid white chocolate bunny that is not hollow inside? Anyone?