Once again I have abandoned my blog and haven’t posted new material. I can’t blame it on writer’s block since I have so many ideas running around in my head, I just can’t seem to put them in order..I’m still wrestling with what to do with Logan, he needs to meet this girl, take her out, forget about his wife and get down and dirty and have a hot messy affair with her.

The problem is Logan is so straight-laced he probably wouldn’t even know how to ask her out…actually, I don’t even think he’s asked for her name yet…..what a loser!  at the same time I’m falling for poor Logan who’s just the right man for the right girl…I wonder why his wife is really asking for a divorce…that no good selfish all about ‘me’ cow!

Well I am going to try to revive Logan and perhaps give him something to strive for….perhaps with the right kiss from the right woman he may wake up and grow some cohones…..did I spell that right?

Life is good,