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Back in the days being a single mother was frowned upon. If a woman with a child didn’t have a mate they assumed she wasn’t smart enough to protect herself and obviously got pregnant. Why not think about the hardship, if any, this woman had to go through to raise her child? Why not put themselves in her shoes and try to imagine all the things she had to go without because she needed to save everything she had for her child? And why not stop judging and start lending a hand to perhaps that woman who needed a babysitter, a gallon of milk or words of encouragement?

I often complain if Mr. Eve doesn’t help around the house enough or help with the kids enough when they were younger and then I think of the single mothers and realize, they don’t have a mate to lean on, or ask to bathe the child or to take turns reading stories or to stay up all night when they are sick. Single mothers do not have this and yet I dare complain when I have someone to help in my times of need. Do I know how difficult it is to be a single parent? I don’t think so. What I do know is that a single mother had double, if not triple, the pressure to provide for her child or children, she must worry about losing her job and not being able to provide for her family and of course she must spend sleepless nights wondering what would happen to her child if something were to happen to her.

There is nothing anyone can say to make a single mother not worry about her and her child’s future. Unless we actually walk in their shoes we would not be able to imagine or know the fears, doubts, and worries these strong women must deal with. Yes, I say strong because it takes a strong woman to be a single parent and keep it together because she is all they have. They keep it together because crying and giving up will not help their child become a strong, independent proud and confident person.  That is why I salute all the single mothers out there who at times feel alone, sad, scared or unsure of their future.

To them I say: Don’t give up or doubt yourself. When you feel as if the world is coming down on you and you feel you can’ t go on, stop..breathe and look at your precious child or children and realize THEY are the reason why you keep going on and THEY are the reason why you will forge ahead and not give up because it takes a strong woman to do what you are doing and no one can stop you but yourself.

Single Mothers work harder, force their smiles when they are worried, seldom complain because they have chosen to be who they are and best of all they give all the love they have to their child because they are their happiest when they get a smile, a thank you and an “I love you mom” from the one person they sacrifice everything for.

I admire every single mother who has been there, are there and never gave up.

I salute you “Single Mothers”!

Ditto for Single Fathers…..you too deserve honorable mention!