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I believe today I did get carried away writing and posting on my blog. Did I have an epiphany? I think not! It was more of too much time and nothing to do at the ice hockey rink today on my one day off..which happened to be a Monday and a holiday.  So what if  I had to schlep my laptop with me in order to keep up with Father Michael to avoid an email or facebook note from my sister in law asking what’s next and when will she see an update?  I tell you, I feel Father Michael is turning out to be better than a telenovela (that’s a Spanish thing also known as Spanish soap opera except mine is minus the sexy hot women showing all their goodies!) If you’re wondering who is this Father Michael and what is she talking about? Go to the reading room tab and read all about him!

Anyways, where was I? oh yeah, so here I am at home after 10:30 at night writing away, yet again, because I decided to boil potatoes to make homemade ‘mashed potatoes’ for the next day. Why you ask am I making homemade mashed potatoes so late? I will tell you why, it’s because my sister, bless her kind soul, got me a bag of potatoes after I told her I loved making baked potatoes. Well to my surprise, I forgot about that damn bag of potatoes in the pantry and when I went looking for them to make a baked potato to my surprise some of them began sprouting roots!  Ughhh!  what the hell!?! I panicked and since I am always preaching to my kids about the starving kids in Africa, I began peeling and plucking roots out of those stupid potatoes and now I’m here typing away waiting for them to cook!

I went from enjoying baked potatoes and homemade mashed potatoes to “just take me to Wendy’s and forget all this homemade crap!”

Again I have forgotten my point here since I went off on a tangent but that is all good since finally those damned potatoes are done and I can go smash the hell out of them and prepare them for tomorrow……what was it Maureen O’Hara said in Gone with the Wind? something, something, something for tomorrow is another day!…hey, was she holding up a potato in that scene?  No? I think she was…

Life is good,